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Codename Hallmark
Manpada, Thane West, mumbai
MAHARERA : P51700021698
Carpet Area
1.2 CR*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Codename Hallmark
Codename Hallmark aims to help you reconnect to your roots and go back to the introspective nature of life. A life that dwells on the qualitative moments as opposed to the quantitative lifestyle we live in this chaotic city. Come home to the pleasures of simplistic creativity sparked by imaginative freedom. Seek to explore again, to do all those things you thought you had no way of doing. Discover yourself and embark on a journey steeped in inspiration. Give your children the rightful childhood they deserve. Create your perfect home, one memory at a time. Conceptually driven by the notion of 'being close to nature', T Bhimjyani Realty has designed and planned the construction of Codename Hallmark to break new architectural ground and will continue striving to reinvent the approach to designing homes and comfortable lifestyles.
Where nature and living spaces go hand in hand
Codename Hallmark is perhaps, Ghodbunder Road Thane's, best kept secret when it comes to the interplay of nature and luxurious living spaces. Out here, the anxieties of corporate life are destined to melt away against the lush green backdrop of Mother Nature.
Serene lifestyle coupled with the joys of natural living
Every apartment has been intricately designed so as to provide you with perfect vantage points to soak in the verdant beauty of the Yeoor Hills. This wholesome property emulates the characteristics of a serene life coupled with the joys of natural living.
Indulge in the perfect combination of home and nature.
Thane is a sight for sore eyes. Here's luxury that sets a new benchmark in its class, standing in almost handshaking distance with the natural beauty of the gorgeous Yeoor Hills. Olivia is where you come to enjoy a whole host of world-class amenities for yourself and your children.
Create the perfect escape for your family
It's what you call a perfect dream home. Sprawling and luxurious in every sense of the term; in intent and execution. With a fabulous array of amenities available at your doorstep, Codename Hallmark in Thane provide you with all the trappings that make up your creature comforts before you can even ask for them. The complete package of a large amount of space and a high level of security and privacy make Codename Hallmark the ideal destination to create a dream house to raise your family in.
Perfect antidote to life
Strange how the idea of nature only crosses your mind when the soul wants refuge from concrete, steel and improbable deadlines. Think about the wet grass at daybreak. A game of hide and seek between the sun and the mountains. Trees that stand as the tallest and oldest structures in a largely green and florid skyline. These are the little pleasures that make nature the perfect antidote to life in the big city
Wake up to the sight of the Yeoor hills
When you wake up to the sight of the Yeoor hills staring you down, a hill dotted with trees that make room for nests and lives-not-yet-lived, that give shade to the wildlife below, that hide flowers, and creepers and an entire ecosystem from plain view, you wake up to the realization that any attempt at creation, no matter how beautiful in both, conception and construction, can’t match up to what the planet has made of and for its
Smell the wet earth or a flower in bloom
At Codename Hallmark, you’ll see this deference for nature through every open window, every walkabout through the property and every gentle breeze that brings with it the smell of wet earth or a flower in bloom.
Let your conscience weigh in on your everyday comforts
Living here is that you never have to let your conscience weigh in on your everyday comforts. So, you get the swimming pools, the badminton courts, and the remarkably large clubhouse amongst other luxuries knowing full well that they’ve been built, keeping eco-sustainability in mind.
A fitting welcome
Fountains on either side, neatly trimmed hedges, flower beds, swaying palm trees, the Yeoor Hills hiding ever so slightly from plain view and creepers clinging on to the stuccoed wall that separates itself from the township by a sliding glass doorway. That’s what your eyes will tell you when you enter Codename Hallmark. And that’s when they’ll have you realize that the place and the idea of calling it home, has slowly but surely entered your heart as well
Painting a picture of calm
When the sun is out, Codename Hallmark revels in its own beauty. Staring at its reflection in the clear natural stream that runs right alongside it. Painting a picture of calm that looks as if it’s frozen in time until the moon has its say.
Codename Hallmark got an air of mystique and romance to it
Left under the light of either the moon or the stars, Codename Hallmark finds itself in a setting that’s got an air of mystique and romance to it. Momentarily misleading anyone looking either at it or out of it to believe that this cannot be what the heart of a city looks like.
A grand entrance
The stunning entrance lobby at Codename Hallmark with its enormously high ceiling and glass panelled doorway, has an unmistakable air of opulence, and yet will never for once feel intimidating. That’s because it was designed to be inviting above all else.
Everyday indulgence
What’s a home if it doesn’t help keep you at ease, doesn’t help you belong and most importantly does not let you give free rein to your imagination? When your eyes travel away from those lush green hills and come to rest on your window sill or your very own designer kitchen, the moment of inspiration dare not pass. After all, that’s the precise way in which we have defined luxury in every space you choose to inhabit here. Be it the observation deck or the state-of-the-art gymnasium, the indulgence never ends. If you turn the page, you will know exactly what we mean.
Welcome to club Hallmark
When you have a lifestyle unlike anywhere in the city, you get a whole new perspective on what luxury means. Club Hallmark is just a place that will spark off your innermost emotions with its extravagant array of signature experiences. And the best park as you indulge yourself at this marvel of a place is that you get to relish a life for a privileged few.
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Palatial club
Lush recreation park
Indoor Play kingdom
Tennis court
Mini-basketball court
Cricket pitch & lawn
Swimming pool
Jogging track
Squash court
World class gymnasium
Themed spa
Designer library
Kid's pool
Gazebo / Cabanas
Private cinema
Earthquake resistant structure
About T Bhimjyani Realty
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Tulsi Bhimjyani founded T Bhimjyani Realty—formerly a part of the Neelkanth Group—on the back of 40 years in the real estate industry. A period spanning four decades that has witnessed the building of not just homes or towers but incalculable goodwill. Straddling the perfect balance of integrity and dedication, the company continues to journey on an upward path, across every endeavour ventured into. At T Bhimjyani Realty, our mission is to establish ourselves in the field of real estate as a company with as much heart as brick and mortar. Our endeavor will be driven by the value we create for our customers through three distinct spaces: physical, environmental and emotional. Our commitment and accountability will always go beyond the immediate and certainly beyond the transactional. In all our dealings with our customers, prospects, channel partners, suppliers and our stakeholders, we shall be steered by a higher order of purpose and sentiment so as to contribute to society and community in a way that makes us worthy of emulation in our industry and beyond.
About Thane West
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Thane West has witnessed an incredible infrastructure development in the recent years which resulted in it emerging as the next big realty hub in Mumbai. Strategically located in close proximity to the Mumbai International airport, Ghodbunder Road, NH-3 and NH-4, it is also located near the central and trans-harbour line suburban railway network which offers it seamless connectivity with the rest of Mumbai, especially the important commercial and social hubs. The locality has excellent civic amenities such as reputed schools like D.A.V Public School, Billabong High International School, Sulochanadevi Singhania School, CP Goenka International School, world-class hospitals like Bethany Hospital, Titan Hospital, Jupiter Hospital, popular shopping destinations like Korum Mall, Viviana Mall, R Mall, popular cafes, restaurants, social hubs, movie theatres like Cinepolis, INOX, Cinemax and many more. With more civic and social infrastructure projects lined for this locality, Thane West is a dream realty destination, for both developers and investors.
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